Monday, July 12, 2010

Patty cookout: Bulgur Burgers


My series of trying different burgers has been on pause, but I brought it back with what I consider the most delicious one yet: bulgur burgers from Epicurious. I found these when searching for a new recipe to use some bulgur I had on hand and I couldn’t resist.

These patties are formed from cooked bulgur, pinto beans, and walnuts and seasoned with onion, garlic, cilantro, cumin, and cayenne. I ended up throwing in some wheat gluten, too, to try to hold them together but I wound up just stuffing them in foil pouches before throwing them on the grill.


I also grilled some corn on the cob. This is my favorite way to eat corn.

You just have to be sure to trim the ears so no silk tempts the flame, and then soak them in ice water for at least 20-30 minutes. After you grill them in the husks, the silk falls away and the corn is tender and moist.

We only ate two of the four ears and the leftovers were great later, too. I cut them off the cob for storing in the fridge.

You can hardly see my sides, but I served this with cole slaw I made from Vegan Soul Kitchen. It’s a dressing of tofu and vinegar poured over thinly sliced raw cabbage. I made this the night before so it would be ready to eat the night we grilled out.


I know I’ve talked about the slow cooker being a way to keep the kitchen cool in the summertime, but grilling out is the obvious option! With so many vegetables at their peak now, I think I’ll be grilling out again, soon. What is your favorite grilled food? I am ready to put this to use!

As soon as I left apartment living and moved into a house, I bought a grill. Seriously, it was a housewarming gift for us.


  1. yummy! That corn picture is pretty too!

  2. That burger looks yummy. I'm going to have to try that recipe. I love grilled corn...nothing like it! I like to sprinkle some Herbamare on mine after I take it off the grill. YUM

  3. Mmm! Summer food! I love all the awesome stuff youve been making lately. We live in the city, so we don't have a nice grill like that but someday! I'll see if I can stand the heat inorder to keep the oven on long enough to make corn like yours!

  4. Hmmm fave grilled food?... I'd have to go with roasted red peppers. Stuffed peppers are great!