Thursday, July 29, 2010

Refrigerator Pickles

I bought some little pickling cucumbers a while ago.

DSC_0130 Right after I brought them home, I scrubbed off the dirt and sliced them up.

003Then boiled some white vinegar, sugar, and a pinch of salt and poured this over the cucumbers and red onions in a jar, along with some coriander seeds.

012Then I hid them in the back of the fridge, planning to pull them out in a week.

Now, a week and a half later, I remembered about them. At first, I couldn’t get the lid off the jar; I think the temperature change affected the pressure. This isn’t official canning, folks. This was my first attempt at anything like this.

I don’t really like sweet pickles, so I can only be surprised that I chose to make these.

I don’t know what I was thinking putting in red onion – I must have had my wires crossed between following an online recipe and having recently read about how popular red onion pickles are in town. I’ve always been a sucker for peer pressure, but I sometimes get it wrong.

Next time, I’ll make red onion pickle if that’s what I want, and I’ll figure out how to make dill or garlic pickles and make those. Or just keep buying them semi-homemade from the farmers’ market when I want something not-Vlasic.

For now, though, my sweet man will get his fill of absolutely fine (but not my flavor) refrigerator pickles.


  1. Sweet pickles are my favorite. They look beautiful with all the coriander seeds.

  2. I don't like sweet pickles either. I also just tried to make some refrigerator dill pickles, and they did not turn out very good. I'll have to try something a little differnt next time. When you get it right, be sure to let me know. I love dill pickles!!

  3. I don't like sweet ones either. Only dill for me! Let me know if you get a good recipe for dill ones :)

  4. I agree with Shen, your bottle of pickles is a very pretty combo. I like both sweet and dill, just depends on my mood.

  5. I love pickles! They're great with sandwiches. :] I'm not sure if I'm a fan of sweet or not, because I've only eaten dill pickles before (I think). Maybe if you don't feel like eating the pickles you made, you could use the pickling jar as a good decorative piece. :D It's so pretty!