Thursday, June 17, 2010

Easy meal: Tofu, saffron rice, and asparagus

After a night eating out and a quick supper of black beans and rice before a meeting, I was eager to stay home and relax. I wanted to eat good home-cooked food, but I needed something quick and simple (and yet more involved than black beans and rice). Enter broiled tofu and saffron white rice.


I’ve made saffron rice many, many times. Lately, though, I always have a little giggle when I do because Alex’s mom gave me two jars of saffron strands and told me that she always puts a few in her rice. She came just short of saying that it’s how Alex likes it. Well, he does, but I do too, and this took it up a notch.

I used white jasmine rice cooked with garlic and saffron, then topped with almonds. Unfortunately I made the mistake of following the package directions rather than my favorite foolproof rice recipe, and these grains of rice were too mushy for my taste after being cooked 20 minutes. I’m glad I had the almonds to add a nice extra crunch.

The broiled tofu also had garlic, along with a thin marinade of soy sauce and lemon juice. I dipped the spongy tofu, after being pressed nearly dry, into the thin sauce and broiled it for about ten minutes. You see here the broiled garlic sitting on top of my tofu slices. Broiling the tofu makes it a little chewy, and by using a thin liquid marinade it doesn’t get sticky like a barbecue sauce would.

Finish off with some pan-cooked onions and thawed asparagus (frozen after being blanched when so much was in season). Perfect, wholesome, and pretty easy.

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  1. this looks great! The situation with your mother in law sounds hilarious. I kinda wish she *had* said that afterwards. It would have been like right out of a movie