Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eating through the Freezer

I’ve learned a lot of things since I’ve taken cooking and what we eat more seriously. One is, cooking dried beans is easy and way better than canned. And, more notably, beans are really good in tofu scramble. So, I made Mexican-style tofu scramble.


So in my efforts to eat everything in my freezer, I had a bag of cooked kidney beans. Not my favorite beans (sorry!), but still not something I wanted to throw out. I also had some frozen potato cubes, hash browns, whatever they may be called. Those are no problem to eat up, but made a good side.

I threw sauteed green bell pepper and onion in with the taters and topped them with salsa. I seasoned the tofu with spices like your grocer’s packet of taco seasoning. And I tossed in the kidney beans, some corn, and cilantro and green onion. Yum-and-yum.

The best part about this was that by adding so much stuff into the scramble, I had lots of leftovers. So, this morning I enjoyed a breakfast burrito.

What’s left in the freezer? I’m not ready to think about it.


  1. I don't really like kidney beans either. I think it's something about the skins being too thick. But it still sounds tasty!

  2. This is where Blessed Mama excels...She calls them 'Garbage' meals, but looks better than anything you could've put together intentionally.

  3. I'm not a huge fan of kidney beans either but this meal looks great. I'd never have though to add beans to tofu. Mad protein up in here.
    Dried beans are way better than canned but I think chickpeas are actually the only ones I've ever cooked from scratch! That should change...
    Loving your posts lately. I think the impending move excitement is coming through. Can't wait to see what else you dig out of yr freezer. (Hopefully nothing too scary.)

  4. OMG, beans in scramble sounds good! I usually eat beans separate on the side...but this I have to try next time I make scramble. I'm with you on the home cooked beans front. I love the way beans smell when they're cooking too; am I weird?

    That is a gorgeous plate of food!!

  5. I am another person whose not a big fan of kidney beans! I'm just now starting to cook my own beans instaead of using canned ones all the time. Hmmmm beans in tofu scramble...sounds and sure looks good! I love the Mexican kick that you gave it!
    I'm with FF, I can't wait to see what else you make from your freezer. :o)
    Oh, I love those frozen hashbrowns!

  6. Mmm, that looks like an awesome freezer clean to me! I love beans in scrambled tofu too and a breakfast burrito sounds delish for the morning!

  7. Kidney isn't my favorite either, but I just had some in chili my mom made the other day. Looks good in your scramble! My freezer has blueberries and asparagas and coffee and rice flour...not sure what all else.

  8. I prefer tofu scramble with beans in it! And I love kidney beans - they're one of my favorite. Weird that the majority here are the opposite.

  9. I looove kidney beans. I've never had thaem in combination with potatoes, but it sounds really good!

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