Thursday, May 19, 2011

No more Nashville, no more Boston, no more Oakland

I spent the past few days trying to make sense of Los Angeles. Alex and I took a last minute trip when he was invited to compete in the American Ninja Warrior 3 trials. Mostly, all we did was hang around Venice Beach where the show was filming, but we had lots of great meals that were just as yummy as the shirtless athletes.

Sunday, we went to the Getty Center, and we had lunch there. This was my first meal in the city and it was better than I could have wished for.

iPhone 126

Somehow, I only came out with one photo of this great meal. I didn’t bring in my camera (I wish I did, but I didn’t think I would need it at a museum) so these were taken with my phone. If you’re in the area, I would highly recommend a visit – bring your camera, and your appetite.

What I liked best about the café where we ate was there were tons of selections, and everything was labeled with all of its ingredients. Plus, it was decently priced for a museum cafeteria. We got all this for $20.80 + tax.

  • Wrap filled with carrots, daikon, sprouts, and mint – with a very spicy tahini sauce on the side
  • A large entrée salad of baby greens, couscous, currants, cucumbers, and lentils with a lemon parsley vinaigrette (can you believe it? a filling salad with no cheese?)
  • Side dish of Swiss chard
  • Side dish of “garbanzo stew” – onions, tomatoes, yellow squash, and chickpeas

iPhone 123

The salad and wrap were pre-packaged, but the two side dishes were from a hot-foods cafeteria line. That garbanzo stew impressed us both – look forward to me giving that a shot here at home. I even overheard another diner complimenting the dish.

iPhone 136


  1. This is a very cryptic post. Are you moving to LA?

  2. If you think this is cryptic, you must be reading too much into things. I do that with you, sometimes. Let me summarize: back from a quick trip, had a yummy meal. No food photos. No - not moving to LA, but I can understand why people want to do that. The title from a Ryan Adams/ Counting Crows song because I am a dork.

  3. Yeah, I at first I thought you meant your moving plans were off, because I remember you mentioned that you might be moving to Nashville...but how exciting is a last-minute trip to LA? I gather it's a super vegan-friendly city, and your museum lunch sounds superb.

    Amazing pics too...and good luck to Alex, I hope he gets through to the next round.

  4. Your garbanzo stew sounds great - I hope you do recreate it! Great photos, glad you had a good time. My little (kinda) brother just moved there so I may be visiting some time.

  5. I nailed the Counting Crows reference from the start; only like my favorite band of all time!

  6. I've now reread the post several times and I believe I get the gist of it -- a last-minute trip to LA. This is rather foreign to me. As is eating at a museum. Don't see nearly enough shirtless athletes for my taste. Not into Counting Crows either although I agree they had that one good album.

  7. Glad you had a good experience in L.A., my old stomping grounds. CA can offer a lot of good choices for us veg-heads.

  8. I love the Getty Center, but I would have never thought about eating there. Assumed there wouldn't be any options; good to know!

  9. Sounds like a fun quick trip!
    You must create that stew, because it sounds like it would be so good.