Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My new favorite dessert

You may have noticed that I’m not really a dessert person. Every once in a while I can go for a muffin or pancake, but besides a sprinkle of sugar in my coffee, I’m not a sweet person. I mean, I don’t have a sweet tooth. In retrospect, maybe I should have chosen a different name for my blog. I’m not really a fan of personal branding, though, as much as they yammer on about it at work.

So anyway, just to confuse you, I need to tell you about my favorite dessert.


Gone Bananas! One bite at a time. From Trader Joe’s. We got a box of these a while ago and went through them like a dose of salts through a widow woman. Then, like many things at TJ’s, they were mysteriously out of stock for months and months. When I saw them Monday night, I snatched up four boxes. Three are currently hidden in the freezer, under okra and artichokes where Alex will never look. (Don’t worry, he is not a regular reader.)


These chocolate-dipped frozen banana slices are so good. I can’t really figure what it is about them, but they are perfect. I encourage you all to try them if you can get your hands on them. I would not encourage you to follow the serving suggestion, though. Too much banana.

When I went out back to take the photos outside, I scared off one of our stray cats. Alex has a little sheltered set-up to feed the locals and I scared this poor guy. I snapped his photo through the window, but I know he’ll be back. What do you think we should name him? (Possibly her?)



  1. Oh, I know that cat. That's Tyrone.

    Haven't seen those TJ's CC Banana Bites. I will look next time I go.

  2. "So anyway, just to confuse you, I need to tell you about my favorite dessert. "
    hahah good one:)
    those do look really good, and im not a fan of that fruit!

    huh, a because of Shens choice i cant think of anyhing else:(

  3. I saw these in their flyer but didn't check for them in the store and wasn't sure if they were vegan. But I do love chocolate and bananas...
    That's a pretty stray; the ones around here are so mangy, poor things!

  4. Cookie...Veggie...Banana...That's all I've got.

    You're not going to let Alex have a chocolate banana treat after he worked so hard to get such big muscles?

  5. Jenny, I'm just rationing the treats. He's almost finished the first box - the other three are for later.

    FF - I actually suspect this guy has a home and enjoys snacking at my place. We have at least one scraggly stray.

    Tyrone it is!

  6. Frozen bananas are awesome, thanks for the heads up on these. I never to to Trader Joe's because it's not near my house, but I may have to make a trip for these.

    Tyrone is a perfect name for that little guy! We used to feed the strays in our old neighborhood, and one of the larger males with a white face used to sit on the window ledges outside and stare into the house...he would give you a fright when you first noticed a little spook peeking in, hence we named him Spook.

  7. HEY! i commented on this! it must have gotten lost when blogger was "acting up". these look pretty good, i might have to try and make them since we dont have a TJ:)

    its been awhile but i still need to send out the straws that everyone won a LOOOONG time ago!!could you send me your address?

  8. AHHH these look amazing!!!!! i was just at trader joe's yesterday and i didn't see these I'll have to check again next time I go. thanks for the post!

  9. So, I picked some of these up today and I definitely agree with your review. They are very addicting!!! They will always be on hand in my freezer for the summer.

  10. They sound wonderful! And are probably very easy to make (if you don't have a Trader Joe's around).They sound like a perfect summer snack.

  11. OMG i love chocolate covered bananas!!

  12. OH YUM...those could easily become my favorite frozen treat! It's probabably a good thing that we don't have a Trader Joe's.

    What a cute cat! That's cool that you guys feed the strays.

  13. These look seriously, SO GOOD. I NEED this dessert! YUM!