Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Buffalo Beans and Greens at Home

Remember way back when I posted about my visit to Nashville’s Wild Cow? I keep thinking about that. We ate there three times in March and were about 95% (or more) sure that we were moving to Nashville. Now, everything is up in the air. Everything.

No matter where I live, though, I can create good beans and greens at home. The buffalo tofu is a nod to them, though.


I dry-fried my tofu as I learned from It Ain’t Meat, Babe (basically taking out any remaining water in pressed tofu) and then doused it in Frank’s Red Hot and a little Earth Balance. Not pictured – I made some ranch-style dressing from Vegenaise, onion powder, and garlic powder, thinned with some water. I’m still looking for my go-to ranch recipe. It seems like all the ones I find online call for a million ingredients. I’m not up for that. I just need a little something for my tomatoes and hot sauce.

I started with brown rice, spicy kale (made with veggie broth and red pepper flakes), black eyed peas, and the tofu. Although this was another time I didn’t remember to make my peas with garam masala, these leftovers won’t last too long.


Looking at this cube reminds of a so-called news story I heard a long time ago – does anybody else love tofu? You can’t say so on your license plate in Colorado! Um, the kale was my favorite part of this plate. Or the black-eyeds.


  1. Hehe, the picture of that license plate made me laugh. Your buffalo tofu sounds yummy. Personally, I think anything doused in hot sauce is a good idea.

  2. Haha I love that license plate story! Your tofu looks amazing! Well, actually, it looks a little radioactive but it sounds great. Great spiciness everywhere!

  3. Kiersten is correct. 'Yummy' is the word for this meal. I enjoyed the article.

    Will be glad when everything settles down again.

  4. I love living in Nashville...and in walking distance from The Wild Cow. I hope you sort out if you're moving soon. I made some tofu as a nod to them recently myself. I marinated mine in franks+louisiana hot sauce and eb, then 'dry fried' it and poured the left over sauce over the cooking tofu until it soaked it all up. I'm addicted. I can't seem to get what they do to their kale down though.

  5. Gorgeous pics! This looks so good. I really like the idea of the Buffalo tofu, I think this is a meal I'm going to have to make asap. Thanks for the link to the dry frying method too...can't wait to try it.

  6. Lovin' the buffalo 'fu! What a yummy delish plate of food :)

  7. YUM!!! This sounds and looks so good! Sounds like a must try meal! I so want to go to Wild Cow. I hear it's awesome. I just need to figure out a way to get Tony there. :o)
    I hope you get things sorted out with your move (or no move soon)!

  8. This looks fantastic! G would be right at home with this meal - he loves greens and black eyed peas, brings him right back home to Arkansas. Love how the tofu looks. Good job.

  9. Strangely, it took me a good 30 seconds to determine why they would have a problem with that license plate.

    Buffalo tofu: interesting!

    Wow - a potential move. That is big news - or possibly not, it seems. Can't wait to hear what happens.

  10. Ah! I feel the same way about the ranch sauce recipes out there... I tried one with a hella lotta ingredients, and it wasn't even that good - so apparently all that shiz doesn't make a difference. I've found that a bit of dried dill adds a nice touch, though :)