Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trying something new: Veg Head Restaurant

I think it’s been a while since I’ve tried a new restaurant here in Cincinnati. When I think about it, though, there are a few places I want to try. Sadly, one closed recently, before I had a chance to visit. But The Veg Head in Loveland seems unlikely to close anytime soon.

See, a while back, I bought a Groupon* for a starter week at RockQuest, our local indoor rock climbing gym. This took us to the suburbs, so I used the opportunity to go from there to the way-out suburbs to try a place I’d been hearing about.


This is called bouldering – Alex is climbing a large boulder. The wall climbs require us both to work, so I don’t have a free hand to photograph.

So, after rock climbing, we headed out to The Veg Head. I’d read about their black bean burgers and their wraps filled with brown rice, black beans, and veggies, both of which can be made vegan. This time, I opted for the burger. I love veggie burgers, probably more than I should.


The burger was thin and served open-faced. I opted for a spread of their house-made hummus instead of cheese, and the toppings were fresh and plentiful. This was a flavorful and crisp burger. The sides are standard: red cabbage slaw and chips.

Alex chose the vegetarian Philly cheesesteak, what with him being from Philadelphia and all, and it was mostly cow cheese and fake steak. I can’t imagine they made that in-house, but I didn’t ask. Other vegetarian options include their Za, which is like a pizza, as well as a hummus plate and tofu spread sandwich.

If we continue rock climbing or if I find myself out that way for some other reason, I’d go back to The Veg Head and try their wrap. Otherwise it’s not worth the trip to the way-out ‘burbs. But even at 2:00 p.m. on an icy Saturday, their six tables were filled, so I think they’ll do okay even if I stay in my neck of the woods.

* ETA: Maybe I didn't need to mention how I came to patronize RockQuest. Going forward, I think my budget, after my recent vacation, is limiting my purchase of Groupons, because I can no longer make the excuse that I need to spend money to save money. But do you think those Super Bowl Ads were offensive? Would that change your buying behavior? I've already heard questionable things about Groupon, but I think that's just sales, period.


  1. im slow to hear about things..but i havent heard anything bad about groupon...maybe i should google it? that rock boulder thing looks tough! he is doing really well!i just keep seeing myself hanging by one hand...not pretty! this veggie place sounds good, but nothing totally blew you away?

  2. The burger platter is very pretty.

    I've got major Groupon fever, as well as other similar sites like Living Social etc. On the one hand, they force me to try new places, but you're right, it's spending money to save money. I have three unused Groupons that I feel are "hanging over my head" to use.

    My Groupon issues are too extensive to go into here. Or anywhere for that matter.

    I enjoyed the Super Bowl commercial, but I'm not easily offended. It was more of a WTF? thing.

  3. I have always wanted to try rock climbing...did you like it?
    That bean burger plate looks yummy! I love veggie burgers too. I think I could eat them every day. :o)
    I've never bought any groupons. I've actually never heard of them until recently.
    I liked some of the Super Bowl commercials, but I didn't really get offended by any of them. :o)

  4. That rock climbing thing is wild! You must have some serious strength to do that.

    I haven't used groupon and I didn't see the commercials, but I heard about the controversy on the radio...I don't have enough info to form an opinion.

    Love the purple slaw with the veg burger and those chips are popping out to me like crazy.

  5. Alex is really strong, and it looks like we'll be doing some more rock climbing. He really enjoys it. Me, it go up the easy walls to impress him.

    I guess made the restaurant sound mediocre. It was good. Plus, Veg Head is an awesome name.

    On the Groupon thing, I think the commercials are weird, but they have a ring of truth to them. Like the one about the whales... we know they need "saving" but it's fun to ignore that and just take the discounted pleasure cruise. I'm not really offended, but I don't think people read the ads the same way I do.

  6. i didn't see many of the ads during the super bowl 'cause i spent too much time talking to people - i'm gonna check out that ad though and what it's all about. i've never used a groupon - i can see how it's kinda cool in getting you to try out some new things, but then again it's also getting you to spend a little more money on something you might not in the first place. kinda like how some sales are - sometimes you see something on sale in the store and say, "oh, it's on sale - i'll get it!" when you might not necessarily need it.

    i love me some veggie burgers like nobody's business as well. i could probably eat one every day, for b-fast, lunch 'n dinnah. ah ha ha! sadface on the market closing before you had a chance to try it out.

    how did ya like the rock climbing?! did you have an awesome time? dan and i did some indoor stuff last year and really loved it. it was hard as hell and it's pretty damn expensive, but i might ask for another session with him for my bday. i did very much enjoy it! i wasn't brave enough to try the bouldering though....maybe next time i'll gather up some courage!

  7. i'm sorry, Jessica - i just saw your comment on the rock climbing. that's awesome that there will be more of it in your future. wahooooooo!

  8. Boy, look at Alex go? I would fall straight on my back! And, you do that too? Impressive, girl! Was the hummus under the patty? I love burgers too. :-)