Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I got an extension on my Valentine’s Day Report

Have you seen that commercial about how Valentine’s Day isn’t about saying I love you, but rather it’s about saying I love us? I can’t honestly say that I was thinking that when I selected V-day presents, but I purchased something I’d been wanting us to have.


Yep, a salad spinner. Alex also gave me a gift that’s something for us, and I’m not referring to the tofu press. We now have another season of How I Met Your Mother.

He wanted to make me dinner, but instead we decided to make something together. This was our first ever vegan lasagne. We used to make vegetarian lasagne all the time, but I hadn’t been brave enough to subject Alex to vegan cheese. I know everybody has their favorite, or not, but I prefer Follow Your Heart. Yes, I have to shred it myself, but it doesn’t have that chemical aftertaste.


I made tofu ricotta and a chunky tomato sauce with lots of onion, garlic, and mushrooms. We layered the lasagna sheets with the sauce, tofu ri-not-ta, thinly sliced grilled eggplant, and not-za-rella. Once Alex saw what ingredients I laid out, he cleverly invented these names for the cheeze. I didn’t tell him that they weren’t originals.


This wasn’t the prettiest meal, but it tasted oh-so good. Alex even went back for seconds! While we were assembling this, I told him a few times that he could go to Noodles and Co. for his free birthday noodles (if you give them your email, you can get free birthday noodles, too) if he didn’t like the vegan lasagne. That wasn’t necessary. Oh, yeah, it’s his birthday, so I saved the sweet chocolatey treat for that instead of v-day.


  1. Yay for vegan lasagne and salad spinners! Every time I use ours, I wonder what took us so long. It was a savior over the summer when we had bunches and bunches of greens from our CSA.

  2. Sounds awesome! My bf and I like to make vegan lasagna together too, I guess it's just something everyone likes. We usually just use tofu ricotta and no melty cheese, but I'd like to try that some time too.

  3. i've wanted a salad spinner for a while now!
    seems like such a simple idea, but makes salads so much better!! maybe ill treat myself ;)

  4. Happy Birthday Mr. Veggie Cookie:)

    that grilled eggplant looked so good, wanted to reach into the computer and snag some!

  5. I love the cheese names and the lasagna looks great! I bet it was delicious. Happy birthday, Alex!

  6. Glad you were finally able to get in your Valentine's Day Report. Although it really isn't fair that everyone else had to get their's in on time.

    Nice touch letting Alex know he could go out and get himself noodles if he had any problems with the Lasagna. I'll have to remember that come Mr. SV's bday.

  7. Your lasagne looks so yummy! I think adding eggplant takes lasagne over the top of deliciousness. I like Alex's cheese names too, very witty...they could sell!

    Making dinner together sounds like a fun way to celebrate V-day.

    Happy Birthday to Alex.

  8. I love my salad spinner!
    Your lasagne looks very yummy. I love the names that Alex came up with...too cute! Oh, and Happy Birthday to Alex! :o)

  9. if i had room in my kitchen we'd totally have a salad spinner - and sweet awesomeness on the rock'n lasagne you two made together. mine isn't always pretty either - and might i add that my favorite is Follow Your Heat, too! so yum!

  10. How do you like the salad spinner? I just shake my lettuce, but I bet the spinner does a better job. The lasagna looks great! I also don't feed vegan cheese to people who aren't used to it. Some may love it or not, and I don't want a meal focused around it for them. Yay for Follow Your Heart!

  11. That lasagna looks awesome! And I love the "us" sentiment, especially when it comes to spinnin' salad :)