Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Visiting Back Home–kind of

I think I’ve gone back to visit my parents for Independence Day for the past four years. At least the last three, and I was there right after the 4th five years ago. Anyway, it’s a fluid tradition.


We bought watermelon, tomatoes, squash, and red cabbage. Some of the vegetables came from a small farm where the family was selling boxes of tomatoes from their backyard, and the melon was from Marie’s Produce, which is set up in a gas station parking lot at the intersection of two small roads. Some of the tomatoes looked really, really ugly, with scars and bruises and other serious imperfections, but once that was cut away they were still one thousand percent better than what I get at the grocery store and two hundred percent better than what I get at my farmers’ market.


We played with the dog.


I took photos of my folks.



This visit, I really wanted to stick around their place more than we have in the past. This is the first trip back with no grandparents in town to visit, and the drive to Memphis and back feels pretty long. We did go out to brunch at Three Angels Diner, where I ordered the tofu scramble. I didn’t take a picture because I thought it looked like barf, but it looked just like this photo posted on Yelp. It did have chunks of portabella and red bell pepper, but it was just a lot of one thing on a plate. At least I was hungry for supper three hours later!

We went to a great little fireworks show in the small town they live near, ate veggie dogs and red cabbage slaw, and generally had a good time.


  1. Sounds like a fun, low-key 4th!

    I love roadside veggie stands...and I'm sure the produce down South is superlative with all that sun and warm temps! Local melons and tomatoes are still just twinkles in their parents' eyes around here.

  2. Haha, yeah, tofu scramble is hard to get a good photo of. I've got to pick up some watermelon and tomatoes soon. Thanks for the reminder. I wish we had fruit stands around here!

  3. Too bad on the barfy 'fu, but the watermelons look great! Yay for homecomings :)

  4. It's called 'Tofu Scramble' not 'Tofu Orderly'. Shovel it in!

    Your Mom, Dad & Dog look quite nice and welcoming. Probably aren't giving out their address, are you?