Thursday, July 7, 2011

Leftovers across state lines

Quick supper solution: eat your leftovers. I am sometimes good about eating leftovers, sometimes bad about it. I do think my folks would have finished off the stewed zucchini and tomatoes we made during our visit, but I snatched more than half of the leftovers and carried them home in our cooler.

photo (2)

The tomatoes and zucchini were stewed with some pre-mixed Cajun seasoning and were spicy! but perfect, and at home I served them over some brown rice and with a generous side of black eyed peas.

We’d also used a block of frozen tofu as an ice pack in the cooler, fully expecting to need to eat it on our trip, but instead I toted it home and cooked it last night. I dry-fried it and seasoned it with Bragg’s and more Cajun seasoning. Perfect, quick, and easy!


  1. I rarely cook zucchini, but it is so good that way. Also - that tofu looks great. I really think dry frying is the way to go. I never thought to season it first though!

  2. I am so bad at eating leftovers! Zucchini season has just started over here and I am already collecting recipes for the boatload of zucchini that I#ll soon get from our neighbour.

  3. Black-Eyed Peas are one of your signature food items. I've never been successful with them.

  4. We're usually good about eating leftovers, but for work lunches rather than at dinner time.

    Stewed tomatoes and zucchini sounds yummy. What a beautiful plate of food!

  5. Yes, I normally like to eat leftovers as lunches, but sometimes it's good to re-do them as different dinners.

    My method for cooking tofu is getting better and better. As I fry it and squeeze out the water, I then sprinkle on some Bragg's and seasoning. It sops it right up and it's wonderful!

    Shen, if you can't be successful with black-eyed peas, you best head to Maryland. I can't imagine messing them up, so you must not like them.