Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fun stuff

I guess I should be glad it’s already Tuesday. Every single day has been flying by lately – between being busy with work and trying to have some fun, I find myself almost halfway through another week. I like rounding in the most favorable way to me.

Saturday, I made a dreaded but infrequent trip to the mall for new clothes. Thankfully, my job also rewards me in Macy’s gift certificates as well as logoed items. So I spent them. Afterward, Alex and I went to our local Loving Hut for lunch.

I ordered their special “Golden Wrap,” which was Gardein tenders with lettuce, tomato, and avocado, along with the nacho-style golden sauce. This was super tasty. I also got a side of cauliflower soup.


Alex selected a burger which was also topped with a generous portion of the Golden Sauce. This sauce was better on the chips than on the patty; I agreed with him that the burger would be better with ketchup and pickles. (That’s not typically my style, but this beef-less burger was screaming for ordinary condiments.)


After we stuffed ourselves at Loving Hut, Alex offered to accompany me the library to hear Charlaine Harris talk. I’ve been reading her books and listening to them on recordings I can download through the library, and we’ve been watching True Blood together. Of course, Alex is interested in the nudity as much as the storyline, but I think he’s a super sweetheart for tagging along with my interests. Anyway, we drove downtown, parked right in front of the library, heard the author speak and answer some questions – she really impressed me and made Alex laugh – and headed on home. Things like how easy that is make it difficult to decide to leave Cincinnati. Right now, moving plans are on hold. Indefinitely.

I rewarded Alex with the Magical Coconut Cookie Bars. After seeing these about a dozen times over at The Shenandoah Vegan, I finally decided to make them. That was a great decision. So go, make them. You can thank me later.



  1. Tears of joy. I'm blinking back tears of joy, dammit! If only I had come up with the recipe myself.

  2. Those coconut cookie bars are super amazing looking. I could really use one right now :)

    And I feel you on the dreaded mall trip--at least some of it was a bonus from the job! We can't get decent clothes here in Roanoke (you know, since I'm not a 40 yr old conservative mother), so any time I go to a big city now I have to shop. It seems so silly, but it definitely made me appreciate living in a real city!!

  3. Yeah, I'm no fan of clothing shopping either but if you get the certificates, why not? The wrap sounds great, and the whole day seems like fun.

  4. I've never been keen shopping for clothes, but after shopping the oppotunity to eat out presents itself.

    I am so liking those coconut bars.

  5. I made those bars awhile back but was missing an ingredient. I tried to make do but ended up having to scrape it out of the pan. I found out that even Magic Bars that aren't made properly and turn out that well - are amazing enough.

  6. Sounds like you're off to a good start for summer fun! The Loving Hut items that others post about always look so enticing to me...we have one around here, but it's out of my stomping ground range and I might make the trip, but when I checked out their site, the offerings at this particular Loving Hut didn't seem as tempting as those from other parts.

    Your cookie bars look really pro!

    Happy Summer!

  7. I so want to go to a Loving Hut...that wrap and burger looks sooo good!
    I've been wanting to make those magical bars too. I've even had the recipe sitting out on my coffee table for 3 weeks....ha

  8. Yes, Loving Hut items are hit or miss based on the location. Ours tends to be pretty good. Most omnis make fun of them for not serving too many vegetables - but there is still more veg there than at most fast-food restaurants.

    Jenny, my magic bars weren't perfectly made, either, but still good. My "pudding" layer was all gooey. But eat with a fork and enjoy!

  9. Answer your VeggieCookie@gmail.com email so I can get your address!

  10. Looking at those bars almost made me faint. (Not in a bad way though.)