Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Wow, where did summer go? I wore long sleeves all day today and was chilly. I talked to my mom – she says it’s cooler in her area, too, because it’s not 90. Oh.

I went back and forth on trying this new recipe. Turns out, I picked a perfect day for it. This recipe caught my eye in the Moosewood Restaurant cookbook I picked up at a used bookstore recently. It’s called callaloo, which apparently is both a green and a dish.


Unable to find callaloo (possibly because I only went to my mainstream grocer), I used red kale. This dish is most like a soup, but it’s made with lime juice that brings a summery flavor to it. This soup is made with onions, garlic, ginger, spices (turmeric, coriander, thyme, allspice), sweet potatoes, kale, okra, and tomato. All that simmers in broth, then it’s finished with coconut milk and lime juice.

Yep, the okra and sweet potato combo both intrigued and disgusted me. In the end, though, this was a tasty soup. I thought it needed some heat, though, and I wish I’d cut my grape tomatoes (like the recipe suggested).

Since that soup is not too pretty, I thought I’d leave you with a cute photo. Now that winter is over, the cats are out of their cat beds and taking over a chair. I’m glad they’re sticking to one – I don’t like to sit in fur. Anyway, sometimes they take turns, but often, in this cooler weather, they pile on top of each other.



  1. Callaloo!...Callaloo!...Sounds like an old-fashioned greeting or something...or at least it does to me, but maybe I'm just a weirdo.

    The soup sounds excellent and I think it looks quite pretty. Is okra and sweet potato combo disgusting? I wouldn't know...sounds good to me, but I've never really cooked with okra and am not versed in cooking combos with it. They seem like they should go well since they're both hot climate veggies....speaking of's cool chez mom because it's not in the 90's?...sheesh the temps here would be freezing on that scale!

    Love the kitty snugglers...I'm going to show these pics to my two kitties, so they can get that snuggling idea in their heads.

  2. I'm so pro this cooler weather--heavenly! And your callaloo & kitties are fab!

  3. I've never had callaloo before, but it sounds like something I might like. I might leave out the okra weird me out a little bit. Did it make your soup all, um, boogery? lol

  4. Fuzzieweena!!! (Soup looks good to me. I'm more digusted/intrigued by combining sweet potatoes & tomatoes).

  5. OKra! I have yet to try the damned thing but the soup does look pretty tasty.

  6. Kiersten - yes, it was, um, gooey, and it got more gooey as I finished the leftovers. I liked it, though!

    Rose, I just figure sweet potatoes are sweet I like my okra spicy and salty. I enjoyed it all together, though I found myself screening my bites :)