Monday, March 28, 2011

You liked it, and I do too.

So, it goes without saying that I find many recipes, techniques, and new foods by reading blogs. But I also love finding new restaurants – even if it’s just to hear what people are enjoying. Of course, it’s better when I can try the food for myself.

I haven’t been to Philadelphia since the beginning of January, but I have some photos I never got around to sharing. These are from Blackbird Pizzeria, the new-ish, all-vegan sandwich and pizza shop near 6th and South.


I know, it all looks brown, but it sure was delicious. Both photos across the top are the Philly Cheezesteak, made of thinly sliced seitan and packed with fresh peppers and mushrooms. In the lower right is the Tofu Cubano, which was my favorite of the two sandwiches. This was sweet and spicy with tangy slaw. And, I can’t neglect the fries. These were exceptional. I would go back just for the fries. Yes.

Another restaurant I went to during that trip was The Belgian Café. I’d read reviews raving about their vegan hot wings. And it’s also no secret that I love Belgian beer. (Normally in Philly, I go to Eulogy at least once. I consider it my “happy place” in the city I otherwise despise.)

Anyway, the wings were good. I don’t know that I’ve ever had chicken hot wings, but these weren’t like what I imagine wings would be, based on the chicken bones littering the streets. These were battered seitan, and I think the batter included cornmeal. They were firm, almost tough, and just hot enough. The vegan aioli was pretty good, too, and I liked getting some lettuce and celery on the side.


The rest of the food at The Belgian Café wasn’t too impressive. Sorry to be a downer, but I would go back for the wings. Maybe we just ordered the wrong items – thankfully, there were plenty of selections there!

And, this brings me to the most recent out-of-town restaurant I tried: Nashville’s Wild Cow. I went last weekend. It was wonderful. It was beyond my expectations. Not only was the food delicious, but they served sandwiches and vegetables! Imagine that! I can try a cheesesteak and get a side of spicy kale! And if you’re wondering, the spicy kale is as good as everyone says it is.


We tried quite a selection just because everything looked so good. Even their daily specials looked good, so I could go back every day. We went with my aunt, uncle, and cousin, and I think everyone enjoyed it. We introduced my cousin to quinoa and my aunt to tempeh. Here’s what we got, clockwise from top left:

  • The Prince Fielder with tempeh, avocado, sprouts, cucumber, carrots, and Vegenaise and spicy mustard. They had a note on their board that the tomatoes weren’t good, so they were left off. Good call.
  • Buffalo Grinder with tofu, ranch, and carrots. They’re not kidding when they say the buffalo sauce is zesty!
  • Chips & Queso – this was good, it also came with a cup of their tomatillo salsa. I couldn’t resist ordering the vegan queso!
  • Beans & Greens, “buffalo style” – this was my favorite, and something I’m going to want to recreate at home. Start with brown rice, greens (I think they were mustard greens that day), pinto beans, and top it with buffalo-sauced tofu cubes, shredded carrot, and ranch dressing. Yum!

So, I don’t know where I will be visiting next, but I hope to find some trustworthy suggestions and enjoy what everyone else is eating.


  1. Isn't Wild Cow awesome? I've made dinner there a thursday night tradition. Gotta rock the Reuben next time you're in Nashville.

  2. The pictures from Wild Cow look and sound great. You always seem to find good vegan restaurants, I'm taking you with me if I ever decide to travel around the country.

  3. brown food is usually really good,lol.hahah i like your last place, id be into it too, healthy food PLUS some fun not so healthy things:) heaven.

  4. I haven't had fries in a long time but good fries are GREAT. I'm also digging on that Wild Cow! Those look like some serious sandwiches! And a side of kale? No better.
    That bowl idea does sound quite good, too.

  5. The Philly Cheezesteak is three hours away from me. Deep thoughts...

  6. The Wild Cow is dangerous for me. It's in walking distance from my house..literally-90 seconds to get there. You must tell me if you come back! Their spicy kale is seriously amazing. I still haven't figured out what they do to it but I know little or no oil is involved. I go have beans and greens there at least once a week <3 <3

  7. Everything looks and sounds so good.
    I can't believe Wild Cow is only 2 hours away, and I haven't been yet. I must make Tony take I seriously do have to get there though. I'm now ready to eat my lunch after seeing all your amazing food pics! :o)

  8. Wow, you get around! All the food looks awesome. I really like the idea of the greens and beans stack too. If you recreate it at home, be sure to post it.

  9. What a restaurant feast you've been enjoying! I find it interesting that you can jump from city to city trying out different restaurant fare. It would be such a big undertaking for us to do that! It all looks belly-warming and good.

  10. Michelle, you should head up to the Wild Cow!

    Blessed mama, I don't have a choice - I am visiting family! Maybe when I have kids they will come to me. There's certainly good vegan grub around here, too.

  11. It's bizarre when I think I've left a comment, then look back and see that I didn't. I think it's when I read a post on my phone and think about what I'd write when I get on the computer to leave a comment.

    I went to the Wild Cow once. I was super happy to find it on our road trip. I think it looks like you guys ordered better than I did. Or maybe it was that I liked my meal, but the desserts were really dry. But I'm with you; I would order that bean dish, too. It looks really, really good.

    That cheezesteak looks familiar!