Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Culturally Schizophrenic

I committed last time to share the results of my experimentation in the kitchen, and I’m tickled to announce that things turned out super tasty!


Behold, my Middle Eastern Inspired Taco.

I had some frozen baked falafel, and I made hummus with cilantro, garlic, and “taco” seasoning and wrapped it all up in a whole wheat tortilla. I use these spices in my taco seasoning: chili powder, red pepper flakes, oregano, paprika, cumin, salt, and pepper.

Now, I didn’t have many frozen falafel. Alex admitted that he sometimes takes a ball from the freezer and eats it cold. I don’t know if that’s flattering or not. Anyway, we had more than enough food.


The reason there was so much food was because I made baba ghanoush, too. (When everyone spells things differently, how do you decide what to use? Just pick one and stick with it?)

Lately, I’ve had a hankering for baba ghanoush and decided to go for it when I saw a Food Network chef make it on television. Sometimes, that’s all it takes (thanks, Aarti Party!). I was tempted to buy some ready-made from the grocery store, but it was chock-full of mayo (really, Sabra?).


Instead of making regular baba ghanoush, I riffed from the Horizons cookbook recipe for Mexican baba ghanoush. The recipe included roasted eggplant, cilantro, lime juice, and jalapeno. It actually called for pumpkin seed butter, which sounds really good – but I didn’t buy (or even look for) any. Instead, I used tahini but tossed in some pepitas for good measure.

I’ve been enjoying this in pitas for lunch the past two days, stuffed with more cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and onion. I can tell you for sure I’ll be making more homemade baba ghanoush.


  1. I know - isn't that a bummer about Sabra's baba ganoush?! (I'll spell it your way) Lame - but homemade is soo much better. The pumpkin seeds sound really interesting but I usually make mine with a dash of cinnamon, which is also unexpectedly good.
    Basically, your "tacos" sound amazing. I love Middle Eastern good. Never thought to put taco seasoning in hummus! Wild times!

  2. I love how perfect your salad is laid out on your wrap! Also, mexican baba ghannouj! Who knew such a thing existed.. the jalapenos sound delicious in it :D

  3. wow...that looks really good!!!i love homemade baba ganoush (im pretty sure thats how i spell it normally)

  4. fun, creative creation! i am also a fan of your presentation. funny that he eats frozen falafel. not sure i'll be doing that anytime soon, but i do have a problem with eating sweets, like cookies, straight out of the freezer. it's hard to leave them alone.

  5. i also want to say thank you for not making us do word verification. one major plus for your blog. cuts my time way down. :)

  6. Fun twist on falafel and baba ganoush! Sounds delightful, as is your presentation; very appealing! I often eat leftover falafel cold out of the fridge, sort of like a cookie, but haven't done it's probably yummy too.

  7. This post literally made my stomach loudly grumble! Must look away!

  8. What a great flavour combination! Turkish fast food shops over here sell something called dürüm, which looks very similar to your taco. I love that stuff!

  9. Your middle eastern taco looks so good. I can just taste it now. :O)
    I've never made or had baba ganoush. I see it all over the blog world. I must get with the program, because it sure sounds good!
    That is funny that Alex takes a falafel ball from the freezer...I couldn't help but giggle at that. :)

  10. Still laughing at Alex, that is funny, only a guy. Mayo in baba ganoush that is crazy. Sounds like a good sandwich.


  11. How inspired - a Middle Eastern taco! Now, you're talkin'! I know what you mean about reaching for something in the freezer, a safe place, one would think, to put food, and find that it's been majorly pilfered. Happens all the time around here, especially with frozen homemade cookies!

  12. That looks really good and now you got me thinking about hummus with taco seasoning! Sounds great!