Monday, January 3, 2011

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Now that I’m back at home, I’m ready to share my travel eats before they become distant memories that are possibly exaggerated to seem more interesting. First up, pizza!

I was very glad to see that Jill at Vegan Backpacker wrote about pizza in Italy just in time for my trip, and we had pretty similar experiences (although she had much more pizza than I did!).

Looking back through my photos, I find it very hard to believe that I only had three pizzas during my time in Italy. Now, I could certainly go for another!

On our first night, we had no plans for supper and found a pizzeria just outside of the small town where Alex’s father was born. This was not a bad first impression, and the teenage girl taking our order didn’t blink when I asked for mushroom with no cheese.


I was expecting a full-plate, individual pizza, and it did not disappoint. The crust, though, was thinner and crisper than I could have imagined. I cut away slices with my knife and it was light enough for me to finish this by myself and even have some salad as well.

I had my next pizza on the third day, and it was my favorite – grilled vegetable.


This restaurant had more than just pizzas, and it was here that I learned about ordering side dishes and beer. We got another plate of these delicious grilled vegetables, and the side dish portion was huge.


Because marinara pizza is already on the menu, and it’s typically the only thing the doesn’t have to be modified “without cheese,” I decided to try it. I preferred the hearty vegetable toppings instead, but I appreciate the nautilus swirl and the copious garlic:


By this time, we were comfortable ordering side dishes, so I added my own spinach topping:



  1. yay for pizza posts! We did eat a crazy amount of pizza while in Italy...but then again we were there for a month. I'm glad you found some good pizza and topping combos. Your marinara pizza is so pretty!! I never came across one like that with a fancy swirl pattern.

  2. Wow, looks like you had fun on your trip with all that yummy pizza! It's always a sign of a good place when they don't look shocked out of their minds when you ask for no cheese :)

  3. Impossible to get bad pizza in Italy. So glad you were able to partake.

  4. I have eaten far too much pizza in Italy. I love how thin the crust is. Getting the crust that thin is tough to do at home, but it can be done with practice.


  5. Looks like you had a great time! The first time I was in Italy my pizza was served with corn on it and my skeptical 13yr old self just had no idea what to do with that. Too bad I used to be so picky. I could go for some of this pizza now!

  6. I agree with Shen! Someday I will get to experience that pizza! :o)

  7. i love grilled veggie pizza!! very glad you arent having any trouble finding food over there!!

  8. i was in rome 8 years ago and i still miss the flavor of real italian pizza. i'm glad you were able to eat plenty of it while you were there!

  9. Wow, looks like some pizza fun! Glad you enjoyed the food. :-)

  10. Oh my, those pizzas look incredible!

  11. So did you know ahead of time (from Jill or however) about crust and sauce ingredients or were you just being vacation breezey, not worrying about being nitpicky?

    I'm very intrigued about Italian pizza now! Did you already say what led you guys to take this particular trip at this time of year?

  12. Okay, I just read her post about pizza in Italy!