Monday, October 10, 2011

30-Day Challenge: first eight

I have made it safely to the new digs! Unpacked and doing the new commute and all that entails. I’m taking at least the first part of this photo challenge as a way to share what’s been going on. These are iPhone photos, so not doing too much to improve my photography skills just yet.

1. Self-portrait – I did not realize until I started how self-focused this little challenge was. One Saturday, October 1, I was driving myself and two of my cats 564 miles. Here you can see my boy cat, Twinkie, laying on my leg in complete terror. And shedding.


2. What you wore today – I was moving. I almost thought I had no photos from this day, until I remembered Alex wanted to do some stunts in the moving truck and he took a few photos of me, too.



I totally could have played monkey bars on the sides of the truck and had a cooler photo. Ugh, too late.

3. Clouds. Skip! Sorry, no clouds and nothing interesting about that.

4. Something green. This house is surrounded by evergreens. We’ve had some great weather and the cats are enjoying the open windows with new sights and smells.


5. From a high angle: My cat, stressed-out a few days ago, has now made his home in the strawberry shortcake bed.


6. From a low angle: on the floor of our living room, toward the kitchen and back door. Twinkie can’t resist me on the floor.


7. Fruit: I have been eating a lotta bananas lately, taking one to work each day. Plus you can see how white our new kitchen is.


8. A bad habit. Wow, here’s a prompt! This is a photo from a our first day at the house – our landlord left a bottle of wine in a clean fridge. Win win!


Well, folks, I am settled in, but still getting used to the new routine. More to come!


  1. Wow! Cool landlord! Nice floors. Where's Fuzziweena?!

  2. Aww, the cats look like they've really settled in & how cool of a landlord do you guys have?! So glad you made it; hope you're settling in ok!

  3. Your cat is a million times more cooperative in the car than any of mine would be--congrats on what looks like a smooth move!

  4. Yay! Everything looks really nice - the white kitchen, the clean fridge, the wine, the trees. Glad the move worked out okay!

  5. Your place looks cool. And your car looks clean. That's a characteristic I always admire and notice...because the inside of my car is disgusting. Your cat shedding is nothing on my kids' crumbs.

  6. Driving 564 miles with a terrified cat on your knee is no small feat! Glad you had a safe journey and you and kitties are getting settled in. Nice landlord... ours could really take some pointers from him/her. Love those wood floors.

  7. Great gift! I love all the pics of the babies and doesn't moving suck?? I loath it.

  8. Good luck! You have an award at my blog. :-)

  9. Great pics. I'm so glad you are there and getting settled in! So sweet of your land lord to leave you a bottle of wine in your clean frig. :0)
    Your cats are so adorable!