Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two Cities, Two Veggie Burgers

Who needs to stick to chronological order? I’ve got veggie burgers on the brain and some important news to share. I’ve actually eaten more burgers recently than are included here, including a Boca patty at Red Robin last night (no photo, but it was just like this).

Over the weekend, I was in Memphis, and I wanted to head back to Huey’s for a black bean burger. Remember when I posted about Fuel Café, and their veggie burger? That I didn’t like it as much as I liked Huey’s? Consider this a public service announcement: it’s good. I recant my previous comments.* Sorry, Fuel!

The problem is that Huey’s no longer offers the black bean burger. Sure, it’s on the menu, but our server told us they don’t have it anymore.


Thankfully, they do offer a chargrilled veggie patty. It looks kind of like the black bean patty, but it’s not really the same thing. This veggie patty is most palatable when loaded with toppings or a carrier for sauce, but I just wasn’t feeling it.


That’s not to say we didn’t have a good time, especially Alex who is always grinning.


I’ve heard in previous comments that my brother is good looking. But if you try to take him out while football’s on, he’ll be glued to the television.


And he’s taken.


Monday, we drove home, through aftermath of the mid-South’s snowstorm, and stopped for supper in Louisville at Third Avenue Café. Do you have restaurants you like to frequent in other cities? This is one of my favorites. Maybe it’s the Elvis theme that makes me feel right at home.


I was a little overwhelmed with the multitude of choices. You know how it’s easier to choose when your choices are limited – well, I finally settled on the veggie burger there, too, even though I’d just had one at Huey’s the day before.


The waiter said he didn’t even like veggie burgers, but theirs was the best in the city. Right about now it might be making its way up to the best in several cities. This burger comes with vegan red pepper aioli on a tasty special bun, along with homemade mesquite chips. I like the spicy bean flavor of this burger – the extras are simply extras.


Alex got the tempeh Reuben, which is also good. I had several bites of this, and once I start cooking at home again, making a Reuben is high on my list (after eating lots and lots of vegetables). I’ve already recreated the edamame and wheatberry salad.

Over the past month, I’ve only been home for a week (and not all at once) but I plan to stay put for a while, cook for myself again, and catch up on some things I’ve been meaning to share.

*That was the important news, sorry if it doesn’t sound very urgent. It is important for me to clarify!


  1. Fuel's burger totally trumps Huey's! And I do LOVE the Huey's burger, but I always prefer the veggie patty over the black bean patty. There's just something about Fuel's burger that I love! It has a smoky flavor that sets it apart. A co-worker actually invited me to Fuel today but I had to pass because of this damn Kickstart plan. Damn.

  2. the swirly reuben bred was pretty cool like to try that!

    "...Alex who is always grinning" i really liked that line. i love smiley people! when i go to CA i have to go to certain restaurants, like acapulco's and souplantation(all you can eat salad bar) im more concerned with shopping though, when i do go out of town! whioch is shocking since i love to eat SO much!lol

    there are a lot of fun choices in that town(that you are visiting). maybe before i go to CA next time i will look places up on the net. is that how you found all these places?

    i get the urgency of this post.

  3. Look at the bro's wife! Clingy much?

    Thanks for linking to my blog, gives me a little boost when I needed it.

    Now back at ya: If your blog has done one thing for me (it's done more than one, but I'm giving you a compliment), it's that it has forced me to learn the geography of Cincinnati in relation to Louisville. Who knew where those godforesaken cities were? Not me!

  4. So, sounds like Third Avenue Cafe is in the lead on the veggie burger front, followed by Fuel then Hueys. I go through veggie burger phases too, and seeing them on yours or Shen's blog always makes me want one. And, ditto that for vegan ruebens...

    What with Alex's constant grinning, and your bro starring up at the ceiling, you guys must be quite a sight... no, seriously, looks like a fun time, and it's wonderful to have someone happy and smiling around.

    I too had to check out what type of a drive it would be from Memphis via Louisville to Cincinnati...must be a good 12 hour drive.

    Enjoy your time getting back into some domestic relaxation.home.

    The swirly reuben bread is really cool.

  5. The best veggie burger in the world is at Northstar Cafe in Columbus. It has brown rice and beans and beets to make it a red, meat-like color. Its flame grilled with the marks on it and topped with a spicy brown mustard, onions, tomato, pickles, and field greens (and sharp white cheddar if you aren't vegan). It's the most amazing burger you'll ever eat, veggie or not.

  6. I am so disappointed at Huey's. That was the place where we were going to eat the next time we went to Memphis....all because you had raved about their black bean burgers. :( Now I guess it will be PF Changs. :o)

    Wow, you have been keeping the road hot! I bet you're ready for some "home" time.

  7. One of my favorite restaurants is in DC about an hour and fifteen minutes from us it isn't just you.

    Bummer on the menu change. :-(


  8. I love black bean burgers. They're probably my favorite type of bean/veggie burger. That restaurant with the Elvis theme is too cute! I love stuff like that.

  9. I'm drooling over that reuben, personally :) I can never pass one up when given the chance!

  10. I'm still planning on blogging about more of the NYC restaurants we went to, so let's just throw chronological order out the window.

  11. Hueys brought back the black bean burger- I ordered it yesterday and it was amazing!