Monday, September 20, 2010

Restaurant: Claddagh Irish Pub; or, French Fries are a Vegetable

Claddagh Irish Pub at Newport on the Levee wasn’t a place I expected to like. There, I said it. Besides the beer, I’ve never had great success at an Irish Pub. I used to go to Fado weekly for trivia night and always struggled with what to eat.

Claddagh, though, is my exception. I have been there twice recently; the first time was during the summer heat when our air conditioning unexpectedly went out. We went to a movie and had lunch at Claddaugh’s because we were already at the Levee. We both enjoyed our meals, and so we recently returned.

They call their veggie burger the “Cornucopia Burger” and it’s one of those precious few veggie burgers that’s a true veggie patty, not one imitating meat. (I like those too, but only when done really really well. I’m thinking of you, lovingly, Huey’s.)


Not too appetizing, I know, but it's good.

On our second trip, Alex got the cornucopia burger again (pictured above) and I went for the curry fries. This is a meal of fries alongside green peas, onions, and red bell pepper in a curry sauce. It was delicious.Delicious.

I was a little worried after ordering this for two reasons. First, our chipper waitress proudly announced that this wasn’t available without the chicken because it’s pre-made. I informed her that the menu states otherwise, but to let me know if it couldn’t be done so I could select something else. So I was worried because she neglected to tell me the outcome, and I was also worried that the dish wouldn’t taste fresh. (Can you blame me after hearing her glowing introduction?)


Anyway, my worries dissolved as I enjoyed the view along the river on the cool night*, and I was pleased with my dinner. I’m really impressed with the amount of peas I got. I’m not pretending this is healthy, but I like it. You may notice that I wasn’t even about to take a photo until I’d had a few bites. Maybe I should have removed my fork and restructured the plate?


As a sidenote: In pulling up their menu now, it seems that the vegetarian option is now more reasonably priced; I got a dollar discount for having them omit the chicken. Now the online menu shows a $3.00 discount – if this is true, that will encourage me to come back again.

*a couple of beers

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  1. What an interesting dinner combination. I would not have thought of it but it makes sense since potatoes are frequently in curried dishes. I loved your picture, BTW.

    Great shot of the patio. It sounds like a great evening.


  2. I didn't know the Irish were known for their curry. Serving it on fries is an exciting twist.

  3. I have to admit...the curry fries look yummy! I don't think I would have every though of that combo.
    Love the patio view!